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     With the global capability to deliver outstanding product quality, Wembley Laboratories Ltd today is an enterprise with a unique advantage - the 50 year old Quickfix heritage. Fifty year ago, Amarjit Singh Lamba, a brilliant Indian entrepreneur pioneered Quickfix - India's first indigenous, multipurpose adhesive.

       Quickfix become the most preferred adhesive countrywide, to the extent that today it's name is synonymous with the word adhesive. The next three decades and more saw Wembely consistently widen it's horizons in terms of product range as wells as distribution and marketing network. The turning point for the company was in 1994, when the 8th International Award for Quality was conferred on Wembley Laboratories by the Editorial Office in Madrid, Sapin. Continuing the Quickfix tradition and relentlessly innovation. Wembley has consistently moved on to newer vistas and today is India's leading adhesive manufacturer.
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